Director General for Climate Change in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Mrs.Nur Masripatin has set the meeting schedule concerning the INDC target for each sector, which includes preparing the documents to be submitted to the Ad hoc Working ...
Workshop held by UNDP-REDD+ in Bogor on 21-22 December 2015 was aimed to develop a teaching material on Community Based Forest Fire Management (CBFFM). ...
Panel of judges in court declared the verdict that from the entire lawsuit, nothing can be proven both from the economic loss as well as the biodiversity damage. This verdict outraged people and as easily predicted, some Indonesians expressed their ...

REDD+ in Indonesia


  • "Local communities - particularly the poorest and most vulnerable - in Indonesia need to be better equipped with skills and knowledge to adapt to the effects of climate change"

    Christophe Bahuet
    UNDP Indonesia Country Director
  • "We also stated that we support the REDD approach and it has been included in the final text of the Paris Agreement"

    Siti Nurbaya Bakar
    Ministry of Environment and Forestry
  • "We have to protect the forest in order to keep it well, because we live in the forest"

    Announcer/Forest People
  • "The choices this country (Indonesia) makes on its development path will have a bearing on global climate change, and will have a huge impact on Indonesians and people around the world."

    Douglas Broderick
    UN Resident Coordinator
  • "We are open to the idea of Indonesia to promote green growth and REDD+. The important thing is how Indonesia will reach the goal"

    Stig Traavik
    Ambassador of Norway to Indonesia


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